Over the past year (and counting), working from home has been more of a reality than ever. Whether you have a dedicated home working space – or you’re leveraging the kitchen table as a makeshift “open air cubicle” – it might be time to revitalize your home office.

After all, our level of productivity and creativity is enhanced when we work in a calm, focus-oriented environment. Think of it as bringing more of the Sunshine Coast into your work space.


Inspire creativity.

To keep your mind clear and focused as you work from home, your surrounding walls should “speak” to you. Perhaps this looks like incorporating a new piece of local artwork, hanging a physical calendar, or choosing photography that complements your work space.

“Art has been proven to increase productivity, enhance wellbeing and help creative thinking, making it an essential addition to any home office,” says Patrick McCrae, CEO of UK art consultancy ARTIQ.

Establish healthy boundaries.

Balancing work and personal life all under one roof can test your limits. Set clear parameters around your working time, and use cues to help distinguish when you are “offline” (ex. flip a physical light switch, set yourself to “away” on communication channels, turn off the computer screen).

Experiment with colour.

While you may think a fresh, white space is most conducive to productivity, don’t be afraid of opening up to other hues in your home working space.

“Block colours and strong lines are proven to help with tasks that require focus and concentration, whilst abstract content and neural palettes are preferable when promoting calm and tranquillity,” McCrae says. “If you are looking for inspiring content, use bright strong colours with refined compositions.”

Let your biophilia flourish.

Greenery and plant life is integral to a high functioning work space. Biophilia, aka the human tendency to interact or be closely associated with nature, is easily sourced on the Sunshine Coast. But what about within the home office space?

Consider adding life and energy to your home office with a plant wall hanging or larger leafy varieties found at local nurseries in Gibsons. Adding more green to your work day may just sprout some new ideas.

Enhance your office essentials.

Look for creative alternatives to the standard desk set-up. Perhaps this is a custom standing desk made from reclaimed wood by Dave Coyle Antiques, or an eclectic vintage lamp found at ReDecor in Sechelt.

Install floating shelves to display lighter office supplies and small decor pieces. Instead of a regular metal filing cabinet, try using baskets, crates or a storage bench.

Enjoy the view.

At EagleView Heights, your work-from-home view doesn’t get any better. With panoramic vistas of Howe Sound and the coastal mountain range, you’ll feel continuously refreshed in mind, body and spirit. Expansive windows draw light, fresh air and views into your whole home.

With an optimal layout to configure your home working space – along with exceptional sound insulation and noise control – EagleView Heights offers enhanced living and working.

You’ll appreciate the ocean view coffee breaks, and strolling down to Gibsons Landing.

If you commute to Vancouver for work, the Langdale Ferry Terminal is only a 5 minute drive away (and a peaceful 40 minute sail to Horseshoe Bay). You may even find yourself transitioning to full-time coastal working hours. Your best life awaits.

The EagleView Heights Presentation Centre in Gibsons has reopened Thursday through Sunday from 10am – 5pm, with only a few beautiful seaside homes remaining!

Drop in during open hours with your mask on, or give us a call to book a socially-distanced appointment at 604.886.9195.

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